'Late Night Tonight' is a parody ‘tonight show’ which I created, hosted and produced for Channel 31.


Late Night Tonight

If The Larry Sanders Show met The Office, this show would very much be a product of their late night passion.

Michael Lanzer starred as Michael Showman, a self-obsessed, ignorant and naive host who crossed the line with his guests and his audience on a regular basis. The show featured sketches, guest interviews and audience interaction, and aimed to entertain and lift the lid on conventional comedy.

Each episode of Late Night Tonight featured some of Melbourne’s best comedians, including appearances by Tommy Little, Nick Cody and ‘The Daily Show’s’ Ronny Chieng.

The show was a mix between improvised, scripted and character based interaction, providing an eclectic mix of comedy forms unlike anything else on television at the time.

Late Night Tonight premiered on Monday October 25th, 2010 at 9pm on Channel 31, and was filmed in the same studio as Rove’s first television show.


You can watch the entire series of ‘Late Night Tonight’  here , right now!