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As a comedy performer for a project.

As an MC or Host for your next event.

As a writer for your next comedy project.



As a puppeteer for a film / television or other project.


Puppet Building

To build a custom puppet for a production, event or promotion. 


Parties and Events

To perform with a puppet character at a children’s party or corporate event.

1 hour - 30 minute show + 30 minute roving meet and greet. Can create packages to meet your needs.  


Claude The Incredible - tailored personally for Children’s Events.

Claude is a magician and mime from the streets of Paris, and can add magic, fun and laughter to any room. Perfect for children’s parties, Claude will bring smiles to children big and small.

Invite Claude to your child's birthday party and there will be non-stop giggles!


Ryan Hollywood - tailored personally for Corporate Events.

Ryan is a dazzling and fabulous entertainment personality all the way from Hollywood. Do you want to roast your staff, or are you after something light-hearted? Ryan does it all, and can make any room fabulous.

Ryan Hollywood will add the sparkle and shine to your event.