I have strong skills and extensive training in performing ‘Muppet-style’ puppetry. 

As well as creating and performing in the award winning puppet web series, 'Get Stuffed’, some of my other skills and career highlights are:


  • I performed as lead puppeteer in a production at the Melbourne Fringe Festival


  • I worked as puppet wrangler and costume assistant a production of Avenue Q


  • I worked on animator Anthony Lucas’  hybrid puppetry / animation / film production of 'A Moon Safari' at ACMI


  • I am a skilled voice actor and improviser.


  • I have trained in Los Angeles as well as with Sesame Street and Jim Henson- trained puppeteers.


  • I created and performed a puppet version of scientist ‘Doc Brown’ from ‘Back To The Future’, for the film's 30th anniversary.


I am available as a puppeteer for a film or television project.